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The Caleb Group, Inc. was formed in March, 2001. People often ask where the name Caleb Group came from, and we explain that it comes from the biblical story of Joshua and Caleb, who, when asked if they could "conquer the land", said yes, when ten other spies said no. We aren't the largest firm in town, but we work as if we are. We put pride in every tax return we prepare, every company we form and every financial statement we prepare.

The staff at Caleb Group are a dedicated group of individuals that operate with the highest level of integrity and morals.

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As a firm that has prepared over 10,000 tax returns, we know how to prepare and advise you on tax matters. Contact us for an appointment today.
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OK, so you’ve made the decision to be a wise, responsible steward over your finances! Now what?


Any economist will tell you that small business is the backbone and strength of America.


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Caleb Group is a young company with a dynamic work environment and an extraordinary vision. We’re small but growing and would love to augment our staff with people just like you! Are you an accountant who would like to be involved in a growing accounting firm? Are you an accounting student that would like to job-shadow or intern with a local professional business? Why not send your resume or request by emailing us your information to
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Our staff is committed to providing you with
excellence at a reasonable rate. We pride ourselves
on quality work, every time.

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Please feel free to contact us to address any questions or needs you may have as it pertains to your business or finances.

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